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Full-service training – online or on site

We know from our experience that, in addition to mobile and digital solutions (e-learning, virtual training, mobile training), many participants also prefer in-company face-to-face training. We offer you a completely integrated concept in which you can choose the combination of training solutions that best suits your situation and learning objectives. This means maximum learning success with maximum flexibility – you can learn as much as possible in the learning environment that works best for you.

BLC Kata – Continuous improvement

Our training is based on a principle we have borrowed from industrial production: when it comes to achieving your training goals, we take a scientific approach to ensure continuous improvement.

In every program, we begin by focussing on our clients’ specific goals: what do you need to be able to do in a foreign language? Every person faces different challenges, so standardized solutions and training materials simply do not work for a lot of training objectives.

We then proceed in a 4-step program:

  1. Define the direction: what skills are needed? What vocabulary is required? By when should the goal be achieved?
  2. Understand the current condition: What is your current language level? What activities pose problems for you? Which things can you already do well in a foreign language?
  3. Choose the next target: What obstacles are currently stopping you from achieving your goal? Which obstacle should we tackle next?
  4. Experiment toward your goal: What can we do to teach you a skill? What method and content is best for this?

Digital learning – with artificial-intelligence tools

We use artificial intelligence to create tailored, precisely selected content that supports learners with their very specific requirements – the more you use the tools, the more they adapt to your learning needs. We also use an AI platform to design learning content for your organization based on your own expertise and materials. That’s how we can make learning more relevant to each learner.

Take a look at our media library – there you will find best practice information on training.

Skills testing – Don’t waste your training budget

Sometimes it makes more sense to select employees for certain projects who already have the necessary skills – with in-depth, specific language proficiency tests, BLC helps you recruit the right staff and select personnel for project teams. We also help you evaluate whether subcontractors or service partners (e.g. in customer service) deliver the quality your company expects.

Take a look at our media library – there you will find best-practice information on training.

Modular training solutions – what you see is what you get

If you are already proficient in a foreign language, it is not your CEF level that matters, it is your ability to competently perform specific tasks. More often than not, this does not require long-term general training programs – short-term, targeted training is faster, more effective and a more efficient use of your training budget. To this end, we have developed modular, compact training courses that do exactly what the title says. No more and no less.

For more information about our modular training solutions and some examples, take a look at our media library.

Simplify training management

You could have your academy or your staff manage all language programs – or you can reduce the hassle and expenditure and let BLC do the work. We organize language programs, advise and communicate with participants and departments, and comprehensively document all programs in our online training dashboard. Why would you want to do all of this yourself?