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Make your project a success

For successful international projects or the multilingual presentation of your company, you need much more than just a simple training program or translation – we offer you a broad portfolio of short-term services and on-the-spot measures:

  • Consultation and analysis with stakeholders
  • Fast, industry-specific translations of RfX, calls for tenders, offers etc.
  • Intercultural adaptation of texts or client material (e. g. your company’s website, brochures, presentations, etc.)
  • Support & coaching for pitches and presentations
  • Proofreading for foreign language texts and much more

For projects with a medium- to long-term scope, we train your staff online and/or on site in the use of technical and business-specific language – we also use targeted, customized e-learning and artificial intelligence tools.

Take a look at our case studies to see how this can look in detail.


Support for international projects

Effective communication is at the heart of every international project. Our consultants accompany you from start to finish and make sure that you always get the right message across – they provide support with all of the documents, papers and presentations you need to make your project a success and save a lot of time, energy and resources. This is not only about knowing a foreign language, but also about completeness, correctness and appropriate style. In addition, your project coach can prepare you for real-life communication situations such as presentations, negotiations or pitches.

What is the difference between project support and training?

Project support programs focus on short-term solutions for real-life situations like proposals, pitches, negotiations or presentations. We work with you on a specific project when you or your team do not have the time for upskilling.

Training programs have a long-term perspective and aim to improve your language skills – your professional vocabulary, your fluency, grammar and structure, idioms and much more. To make training a success, you will need time and practice that you often don’t have.

Download our Case Study Best Practice in Facility Management here.