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Make your company work in other markets

Does your company really operate as effectively in other markets as it does at home? Have you successfully transported your corporate culture or your business model to different regions? Does your company truly understand these markets? Do you really have true partnerships with your business partners or suppliers?

We work with you to optimize intercultural business and interpersonal relationships between your company and clients or partners around the world. Most companies don’t realize the potential that can be unlocked with intercultural work.

The success of our consulting and training programs can be measured:

  • More business / higher turnover due to better adaptation to different markets
  • Lower operating costs due to faster, more efficient processes
  • Lower one-time costs by avoiding costly misunderstandings or delays
  • Higher customer and supplier satisfaction
  • More effective leadership

Our global expert model uses three competencies to achieve your objectives:

Cultural impact

We advise you on how your company can successfully adapt its products and its presentation (website, brochures etc.) to different markets. In training and coaching programs, you can transform your leadership by adapting to different cultures and regions. Together with you, we develop your staff’s communication skills so processes can be faster, and costly misunderstandings can be avoided.

Cultural efficiency

Make processes in your company faster. Avoid costly delays and miscommunication in your everyday work. Complete projects more successfully. Adapt your customer service standard to different customer expectations.

Cultural diversity

Research has confirmed it again and again: Heterogeneous teams perform better if their corporate culture allows them to. Unlock the potential of the international talent pool in your company. Create a corporate culture that is open to diversity. Make your organization more flexible. Increase your team’s satisfaction. Learn how cultural diversity moves your company forward instead of holding it back.

You can register for our open intercultural programs here.