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Consulting makes all the difference

Before you commit to a project and invest resources and money on a service that you think you need, talk to someone. It is worth taking the time to sit down with a consultant who can look at your company’s unique requirements and help you discover what you really need. This could include support with:

  • Tenders / RfX in English
  • International pitches & presentations
  • Optimization of the international customer experience
  • Multilingual corporate identity
  • International projects

We’re good at what we do, with over 20 years of experience in large corporations and medium-sized companies. If you need our help, just give us a call.

We optimize your training academy

Are your corporate language training programs really a perfect match for your employees and corporate goals? Do they enable your staff and your organization to perform at their best? Every company is unique, so in order for it to be successful, a training program must be unique as well. An academy that does not focus on your employees’ very specific needs is a waste of your resources and money – so let us help you create genuine value for your organization, staff and clients by analyzing your company (e.g. industry, company size, locations, employee structure, budget responsibility, etc.) and its academy and ensuring it delivers an excellent return on investment. To help you achieve the optimum, we use a wide range of tools:

  • Observation
  • Analysis of your current training programs in tandem with HR, departments and employees
  • Design/redesign of your academy or ongoing education program
  • Budget planning
  • Selection of training providers
  • Selection of training tools

Take a look at our case studies to see how this can look in detail.

Skills testing – Ensure excellence, right from the start

Training is great. Sometimes, however, it is more effective and faster to select the employees who already have all the necessary language skills right from the start. To do this, we work with you to develop customized skill tests and check exactly which skills you need for a project.

Download our Case Study Best Practice in Facility Management here.